Made by Nordic forests

Our birch water is extracted from Finnish forests and offers a mild woody taste of Nordic nature with tender notes of wild berries and herbs.


With no sugar added and packed with minerals, Lif is a drink for those looking for healthy, sustainable and responsibly produced drinking options.


We have only natural flavours and inspired by the Nordic wilderness.


This is how we make it

1. Birch tree roots absorb minerals and water from the Nordic forest soil

2. Minerals and water are filtered and carried through from the roots to the rest of the tree.

3. At just the right time in Spring, we tap, and collect the refreshing birch water loaded with minerals.


*Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves appear, as in late spring it becomes bitter.

Tapping a tree does not harm the health of the tree in any way.



The woody sweetness of birch water is a perfect match for the acidity of lingonberries and sea buckthorn leaves. Our Lif with Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn leaves is light red in color.

Our Lif with Cranberry and Lemon Balm combines spring birch water with the pleasant citrus flavor of the Lemon Balm and Cranberries. The color of this fresh Nordic drink is a pale shade of rosé.


This true Nordic drink pairs birch water with the floral sweetness of cloudberries producing a refreshing drink with hints of cinnamon. A crisp option for a hot summer day.


Our story

We are located on an island named Lauttasaari in Western Helsinki.

Sometime ago, the only means to reach our island was on a boat. Since then there has been a strong feeling of community. It is a quiet place that families love.


One day while walking through its birch forest we decided to produce a modern alternative from traditional beverages, to develop an option that is completely new in everything from taste and ingredients to the design.



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About our ingredients

In Finland, Nature overlooks the mass production of healthy ingredients full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our trees grow in a clean environment, pesticides free. Just pure water, soil and air. While our berries and herbs get a lot of sunlight and warm temperatures during the long summer days, and because of it they are rich and more nutritious.


Finns have always felt a special connection with nature. That is why Lif is based on principles of sustainability


Lingonberry is a deep pearly red artic delicacy rich in fibers, minerals and a natural source of vitamin C, that grows wild in the Finnish forest, commonly use in tasty Scandinavian recepies.


Sea Buckthorn also called sandthorn, sallowthorn, seaberry or tyrni in Finnish, its a warm orange-coloured berry that offers an acidic taste with hints of mango. Its leaf is a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids and other good stuff.

Cranberry is a well-known Northern berry, rich in iron, calcium, potassium, minerals, vitamin Bs, vitamin C and antioxidant-rich. Grows in all parts of Finland and can be picked in spring and then again at the beginning of autumn.


Lemon Balm also known as Melissa, this green herb is part of the mint family. Its leaves are use in teas, flavouring and makes a very refreshing infusion. Lemon balm is one of those plants with a long history of medicinal use

lemon balm.png

Cloudberry, This super berry grows in the marshland of Northern Finland, The fruit changes colour a number times while growing: initially a soft greenish-yellow, it then turns a shade of red and ripens into an amber-coloured, juicy, flavourful and fragrant berry. This juicy berry is rich in vitamin C and also contain vitamin E in larger quantities than many fruits and grains.